To eliminate water damage, the area should be serviced immediately. Super Steamers is equipped to extract water from carpeting or hard floor services.

There are allot of variables with water sitting on carpeting. If the pad is wet as well, sometimes the carpeting will need to be separated from the padding, and rolled up, and steam cleaned separately. Most often, carpeting should be thrown out if water has set for a few days, because mold will start growing in the moist atmosphere and underneath the carpet. Try using dehumidifiers and shop vacs to eliminate some of the water, if service cannot be scheduled immediately.

Super Steamers will extract small water flooding issues: like washing machine or bath tub overflows.  Sump pumps that fail to work from storm and rain.  Super Steamers does not take care of sewer problems.

Super Steamers truck mount extraction will suck out the majority of the water, and the higher temperature of the truck mount, will help eliminate odor and mold. Deodorizer and mold retardants will also be used to eliminate any further problems.

Super Steamers does not specialize in water damage restoration. Call us to extract only small amounts of water and deodorize the carpeting.

Tips On Water Extraction

Sitting Water on Carpeting &

Tile Floors will do damage.

Call Immediately for a water extraction & Carpet Steam Cleaning & Deodorization Now!  734-776-8434

Some rugs and room-sized carpets can be saved by drying them out and cleaning them up. However, if the flood water in your basement contained sewage, or if they’re moldy, you’ll need to discard the rugs or carpets instead. After the floor coverings are dried and have been swept, you should call Super Steamer’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Co. for a deep thorough steam cleaning, with temperatures up to 230 degrees F.

(Home carpet cleaners aren’t usually powerful enough to handle the job.)

If your water problem was there long enough to start mold, and major structural damage, please call your home owners insurance first.  It is recommended to replace carpeting that has been sitting wet for over three days.

Super Steamers can extract the water and disinfect with mold retardant product if you call us early.  Sometime the carpeting will be extracted to help it weigh less, for removal.  Depending on the situation, we have extracted water from the pad or floor, in preparation for new carpet installation. Whenever Super Steamers can help, we would be glad to service.  But we will also recommend a restoration company, if the the job requires it.


Wet-Vacuum the basement floor to remove as much water as possible. Then, mop the bare floor with household bleach and hot water. You may need to wash the walls, if the water was above the floor area, to kill germs and bacteria.

When you clean up your basement after a water flood, there may be some personal items you can save. Clothing can sometimes be laundered or dry cleaned. But, again, only as long as they haven’t contaminated by  sewage or mold.

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