Your carpeting should have a deep steam cleaning at least once or twice per year.  Even if your carpeting does not look dirty; it is full of dust mites, that contribute to poor indoor air quality and may cause allergies in your home.

Most carpet steam cleaning professionals do not leave any residue in the carpeting, after cleaning.  Super Steamers uses a steam rinse to finish the job.  Look for a steam cleaning company that dries in less than twelve hours and they will have very effective truck-mounted equipment.  Super Steamers representative, will suggest how to speed up the drying time, so your carpeting is completely dry to the pad within twenty-four hours.

Preserve your investment in your area rugs by having them cleaned professionally.  Our trained technicians know how to clean delicate fibers in your area rugs, and safely adjust the steam temperatures to prevent any shrinkage.  No pick up or delivery charges, we will take on the task right in your home.  Your rugs will dry in the exact same place and in the same room.  We recommend the stain protector to be applied after; protecting,  your rugs from spills and also extending the life of your rugs.

Super Steamers  Carpet Cleaners is IIRC certified.

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