Super Steamers Carpet Cleaners, with over thirty years of carpet cleaning, is right next door to servicing your carpet cleaning needs.  Cleaning your carpet and upholstery at least twice a year has proven to be an effective measure in maintaining cleanliness in the home. Pets, children, and normal day to day activities wear carpet fibers down, inevitably causing your carpeting to look worn and dirty. Outdoor elements like dirt from shoes, dust, pollens and allergens in the air, all contribute to soiled, dirty carpeting. We provide a truck mount deep extraction steam cleaning, assuring that all soil, allergens and stains are eliminated from your carpeting.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Specialist  in Canton

Super Steamers Carpet Cleaners is one of the most trusted names when it comes to carpet steam cleaning in Canton, MI.   Our companies, owners, have resided in Canton for over twenty years.  We take pride in servicing the community, and have grown with Canton along the way.  We have serviced both commercial properties for over thirty years.

If You Are In Canton Select Super Steamers Carpet Cleaners

Truck Mount Steam Extraction

We use industry praised, truck mount hot water, steam extraction method to clean carpets and upholsteries. We bring in the hoses from our personally owned truck mounts, and spray hot steam to extract both soil and detergents with one single rinse. All soil and residue returns to the truck, and your carpet becomes fresh & clean. The truck mount method is superior to any other carpet cleaning rental equipment, rotary scrubbing or dry cleaning procedures.  It is recommended as the #1 carpet cleaning method in the industry.

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