Super Steamers Carpet Cleaners, with over thirty years of carpet cleaning, is right next door to servicing your carpet cleaning needs.  Cleaning your carpet and upholstery at least twice a year has proven to be an effective measure in maintaining cleanliness in the home. Pets, children, and normal day to day activities wear carpet fibers down, inevitably causing your carpeting to look worn and dirty. Outdoor elements like dirt from shoes, dust, pollens and allergens in the air, all contribute to soiled, dirty carpeting. We provide a truck mount deep extraction steam cleaning, assuring that all soil, allergens and stains are eliminated from your carpeting.


In addition to our professional carpet cleaning services, Super Steamers also performs expert, on-site upholstery cleaning. For materials that are more heavily soiled, We are industry praised steam to extract.
Heavily soiled areas are pretreated with the most effective and appropriate spot remover. All cleaning solutions are steamed away and rinsed, leaving no residue on your fabrics that may attract soil in the future. In the event that there are any stains or marks that remain, they are individually attended to using the most appropriate stain lifter and a repeat treatment of the cleaning system.


As a local family owned and operated business, we have a personal interest in your complete satisfaction.  Our technicians will treat your home as if it were their own.  If you need carpet cleaning in Canton Mi., Westland Mi., Plymouth Mi. and Northville Mi.; we are your neighbors, and aim to please.  We are committed to customer satisfaction, and will exceed all of your carpet cleaning expectations.  Our reputation for excellence has earned us the trust of homeowners, landlords and realtors.  Our professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians have thirty years of experience in carpet and furniture cleaning.


When Cleaning Alone is Not Enough

Is it impossible to eliminate or clean away dust mites?  Most people cannot bear to part with the family pet.  What you may not know is that dust mites and pet allergens found indoors are one of the leading causes of allergic diseases.  People with relatively mild pet allergies can develop very serious, chronic and even life threatening illnesses if they continue to be exposed to these pet allergens.


Pet stains are the most difficult to treat.  Let the trained professional carpet cleaner; attempt to thoroughly clean up after your pets.  Super Steamers will pre-spot clean all visible stains with an appropriate stain remover for urine, vomit; prior to the carpet steam cleaning process.  Our technicians are prepared to treat with “Urine Stain Remover” which has Hydrocide added.  Pet Zone Odor and Stain Remover also helps as much as possible.  Pet stains can be difficult, and are not 100% guaranteed for various reasons, mostly because multiple stains reoccur from improper cleaning by the homeowner.  Super Steamers is the best carpet cleaners for pet stains in your carpeting.


Super Steamers uses tile and grout cleaners and rely on the water pressure and steam to clean thoroughly.  We use Rotovac™, because it uses a combination of rotary nylon cleaning brushes and bristles and spray jets to thoroughly clean the tile and grout.  Shower walls can’t be cleaned with this machine method, but your tile will be sparkling clean and the grout white again.  Super Steamers are the best tile and grout cleaners.


Super Steamers will extract small water flooding issues: like washing machine or bath tub overflows.  Sump pumps that fail to work from storm and rain.  Super Steamers does not take care of sewer problems.

To eliminate water damage, the area should be serviced immediately. Super Steamers is equipped to extract water from carpeting or hard floor services.

Our Services
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FloorGem Services takes pride over catering to all their customers’ flooring needs and providing them with the ultimate flooring solutions. Be it commercial flooring needs or the residential ones, we always look into each project with an equal amount of care and dedication. Our passion for our job has made us the #1 commercial flooring contractor in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

Commercial Floor

Moving to a new place or need a restoration to the old one, either way, FloorGem is your one-stop solution to the floor maintenance services. Be it waxing, polishing or cleaning; we aim at providing you only the best.

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Commercial Floor

Floor cleaning and polishing are vital to keeping your floors like brand-new. Be it your home or office, commercial floor polishing adds to restoring your old floors. FloorGem provides unparalleled home and office floor services.

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Commercial flooring is not identical to residential flooring and FloorGem has realized this difference. We are equipped with the latest gadgets and tools. Our trained staff works hard to cater to all of your flooring needs.

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Commercial Marble

Marble is quite a common flooring material used nowadays. It is important to maintain your marble floors to ensure longevity and durability. Commercial marble flooring techniques of FloorGem help you achieve just that.

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Commercial Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Floor installation and maintenance require undivided concentration and care. Only a few flooring contractors can claim to provide the best terrazzo flooring services and FloorGem is among those few.

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Business flooring entails chalking out a floor plan and carefully following it. It also requires to get an occasional cleaning. We, at FloorGem, provide you with the professional business flooring as well as the janitorial services.

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Commercial Flooring Contractor

FloorGem takes pride over being the #1 commercial flooring contractor choice in the neighborhoods of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Our safe and eco-friendly business practices and utmost dedication to our work have earned us a solid reputation in the commercial floor services world.

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Commercial Floor Refinishing

Commercial floor refinishing requires you to understand the type of material that is used to install the floor as every material has different and diverse refinishing requirements. FloorGem understands this and therefore has all the trained staff that look into your floor refinishing needs.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Whether you are shifting your office or making that most-planned home move, you will be requiring the services of a professional floor cleaning service to do the job. Commercial cleaning, at times, entails floor polishing and waxing, to provide you with the ultimate cleaning experience.

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Office Floor Waxing

Floor waxing is a great way to keep the floor maintained to its original nature as it removes the stains and the imperfections from the floor. Keep your office floors waxed for a cleaner and more encouraging work environment. A tidy workspace increases employee efficiency.

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Office Floor Polishing

Waxing is generally followed by the floor polishing. Consider it as the finishing touch to enhance the overall look of your office floor. Polishing adds to the appeal of your office floor. Regular floor polishing is important to increase floor durability and longevity.

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Commercial Floor Restoration

Old home or office building requires floor restoration before shifting. It ensures safety and also adds to the interior appeal of the building. FloorGem specializes in old floor restoration to make them look like brand-new. Floor restoration also includes typical janitorial services.

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Commercial Floor Stripping

Floor stripping and waxing are some of the most common ways to remove the stains from the floor. Your old office building or home may be in need of a floor stripping without your knowing. So, hire us and let us make your imperfectly stained floor the perfectly spotless one.

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