Couch Dogs

Pets can create tough stains on furniture & carpeting

Pet Stains are most difficult to treat. Let the trained professional  attempt to clean up your pet stains.

Super Steamers will pre-spot all visible stains with proper chemicals to clean urine, vomit etc.,prior to steam cleaning.

Our technicians are ready to treat pet stains with with “Urine Stain Remover” with Hydrocide, and treat with “Pet Zone” Odor & Stain Eliminator.Dog & stain on brown carpet Tips for Pet Stains:

Pet stains are not guaranteed 100% for various reasons, mostly because multiple stains reoccur because of improper cleaning.  Always blot with a dry rag all liquid, and add a cup of cold water over the area and re-blot with dry rags when the accident happens. Only use products identified for pet stain removal. The hot water extraction will clean down deep. When Super Steamers attempts to professionally cleans the areas, DuPont stain protector application is a must after stain removal.  All future mishaps will clean up quickly with a damp cloth, before soaking through to the carpet pad.  

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