Carpet Cleaning Care Tips 

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You have made a substantial investment in your home with your carpet and upholstery selections. They not only add color and style to your rooms but truly make it a home, a living space. From the moment the carpets are installed, they are subject to wear and tear, abuse, germs and allergens that can mar their beauty and threaten the family’s health. It is important that you take proper care of you carpets to help extend their life, maintain their color and provide the home owner with years of pleasure.

Some Simple Carpet Care Tips

1: Vacuuming – This is the number one tool the homeowner has in protecting their carpets. Everyday traffic from people and pets will transfer dirt, pollen, even insect deep in carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming will serve to remove those elements and help maintain carpet appearance. 

You want to select a vacuum with good suction and strong beater bars. This will act as brush that loosens dirt deep in the fibers to be vacuumed away. Always remember to change the vacuum bags and check filters regularly (replace as needed). HEPA certified vacuums are highly recommended since the distribute very little if any dirt back into the air. Especially allergy friendly for any home.

2. Carpet Cleaning – It is important to the life of your carpet to have it cleaned on a regular basis. How often depends on the amount of traffic, people and pets in the household. Most manufacturers of carpet recommend a professional steam cleaning at least once every 12 months.

In households with extraordinary heavy traffic, such as vacation rentals, you may consider three to four times a year, at a minimum before the season begins, once during and when the season is over. Rental Properties should be carpet cleaned between new renters.  Stain Guard is recommended because rental homes are usually dirtier, and Dupont™ Teflon® Stain Guard will save on the life of the carpet, keeping the spills that weren’t cleaned up immediately by the renter, easier for our technicians to clean.Dupont bottle & red bubbles



There are a wide variety of carpet cleaning methods employed by different professional companies, including the do-it-yourself store rental units. The recommendation of carpet manufacturers is to use professional carpet cleaners over rental machines. One of America’s leading carpet manufacturers, Shaw’s Carpets, strongly recommends and research has proven, that the method called Hot Water Extraction (often called “steam cleaning”) is the best method for cleaning carpets. This is the method exclusively used by Super Steamers with their trunk-mounted  Blue Line System. This system keeps the equipment and removed dirt outside, limiting the home intrusion to a hose and wand.

3. Carpet Stain Removal – Accidents will happen! The number one rule in spot removal is, Don’t panic. Most carpets today have been pre-treated by the manufacturer thus making them more stain resistant, which provides you with time to act. Once any carpet has been carpet cleaned, any pre-stain treatment, will remove with the cleaning, and have to be reapplied.

4. Some basic rules for DIY Stain Removal

A. Remove solid spills. Using a gentle scraping method with a dull flat              blade or spoon from the carpeting.

B. Absorb liquid spills with a white paper or clean towel. Always BLOT,            never scrub or rub the spill. Work from the edge of the spill to center.   

C. Use one of the recommended cleaning solutions to remove the stain. Mild solutions (detergent and vinegar) may be sprayed directly to the spot. More powerful solutions should not be applied directly on the stain, apply the cleaning solution to the towel and then gently blot the stain with the damp towel. Repeat as needed till the stain is removed.

D. Once the stain is removed, rinse the area with clean water to remove any detergent or cleaning residue that may become sticky. This will prevent any rapid re-soiling. If necessary, place layers of white paper towels over the area, weighted down, to absorb any moisture and allow it to dry fully.

Have ready tools for home spot/stain removal 

  • White cloth towels or white paper towels.
  • Detergent solution – 1/4 tsp soap to 32 oz’s. water (best to use Dawn, Joy or clear Ivory).
  • Vinegar solution – 1 part vinegar to one part water.
  • Ammonia solution – 1 tsp ammonia to 1 cup water (do not use on wool carpets).
  • Non-oily Nail polish remover.
  • Gum remover.
  • Spot remover – ask your professional for recommended brands.


Tip 2:  Water Sitting in Basement or Other Areas:

Tips on what to do immediately after water had leaked on a tile or carpeted room.

Some rugs and room-sized carpets can be saved by drying them out and cleaning them up. However, if the flood water in your basement contained sewage, or if they’re moldy, you’ll need to discard the rugs or carpets instead. After the floor coverings are dried and have been swept, you should call Super Steamer’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Co. for a deep thorough steam cleaning, with temperatures up to 230 ° F.

(Home carpet cleaning equipment powerful enough to handle the job.)
If your water problem was there long enough to start mold, and major structural damage, please call your home owners insurance first. It is recommended to replace carpeting that has been sitting wet for over three days.

Super Steamers  can extract the water and disinfect with mold retardant product if you call us early. Sometime the carpeting will be extracted to help it weigh less, for removal. Depending on the situation, we have extracted water from the pad or floor, in preparation for new carpet installation. Wherever we can help, we would be glad to service. But we will also recommend a restoration company, if the the job requires it.

Tile Floor Water Tips

Wet-Vacuum the basement floor to remove as much water as possible. Then, mop the bare floor with household bleach and hot water. You may need to wash the walls, if the water was above the floor area, to kill germs and bacteria.

When you clean up your basement after a water flood, there may be some personal items you can save. Clothing can sometimes be laundered or dry cleaned. But, again, only as long as they haven’t contaminated by sewage or mold.

Cleaning with chemicals will remove any Stain Guard on your carpeting, and it will have to be re-treated after the next cleaning.

Call Super Steamers for a thorough carpet steam cleaning & deodorizer & Dupont™ Teflon® Stain Guard Application. 

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