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Super Steamers Carpet Cleaners, your local carpet cleaning specialist; servicing areas for Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Westland & Livonia.

Carpet Cleaning at its best.  Truck mount hot water, steam that not only cleans but extracts dust mites, dirt, dander & soil all at once. Deep down residue is removed from your carpeting to our truck, leaving a fresh, clean dirt free carpet for you and your family.



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About our Carpet Cleaning Method

Truck Mount Steam Cleaning is considered the best method for cleaning carpets in the carpet industry. The power of the truck mount, far exceeds rotary scrubbing machines, or rental carpet cleaners.  The truck mount has the ability to reach water temperatures up to 230 º F, creating steam,  rather than just hot water. Hence, truck mount carpet cleaning provides the deepest cleaning down into the fibers of your carpeting, resulting in the most thorough carpet cleaning.

Our technicians apply a variety of stain removers on all visible stains first, high traffic areas are treated as well.  This personal touch, along with the truck mount method will give you the best carpet cleaning for your money.  Most of all the high extraction  power sucks up all the dirt, residue & chemical used all in one step,  furthermore resulting, in the most efficient thorough carpet cleaning method available.  All soil released returns to tanks in our Super Steamer truck.

No mess no fuss, just clean and fresh carpeting for you and your family.

Teflon ® Advanced keeps working long after its been applied.

DuPont Teflon Advanced Stain Guard $10 Per Room

Special Fall Price, $10 per piece of furniture, extend the cleaning till next time.


red liquid spill on shag carpet

Teflon ® Advanced helps defend your carpet and upholstery against those unplanned accidents that seem to occur in todays busy, active world.


Dupont treated untreated circles





Special Services

carpet & pet foot prints


Special Enzyme Treatment lifts a majority of urine or pet vomit in your carpeting. Deodorization is recommended for pet issues.







Baby Safe ProductsDifferent Cleaning Solvent Options


All chemicals are safe with minimal odors.

If you have additional concerns, we offer  a product with less phosphates, called Baby Safe.



dye and perfume free productObtain allergy relief with our Master Blend a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free product.  It is specially formulated for use around people with allergic illnesses and chemical sensitivities.

A new way to feel relief from your allergy symptoms. You will feel the relief by reducing pet & dust mite allergen levels by 90% or more.

Servicing: Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Westland, Livonia and surrounding cities. Call for Pricing and Specials.  (734) 776-8434

arpet and upholstery selectionsYou have made a substantial investment in your home with your carpet and upholstery selections. They not only add color and style to your rooms but truly make it a home, a living space. From the moment the carpets are installed, they are subject to wear and tear, abuse, germs and allergens that can mar their beauty and threaten the family’s health. It is important that you take proper care of your carpets to help extend their life, maintain their color and provide the home owner with years of pleasure. 734-776-8434