Carpet Cleaning Canton MI

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Carpet Cleaning Canton MI

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Carpet Cleaning Canton Mi

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Carpet Cleaning, Canton MI

Super Steamers is a family owned carpet cleaning business.  We have been established for over thirty years, right here in Canton.  We specialize in stain removal, pet stains, and deep carpet cleaning extraction.  We take personal pride in satisfying our customers.  You will find that our technicians are pleasant, professional and hard working.

Our company provides state of the art equipment.  Our professional truck-mount system heats the water temperature to 220 °F. This is the difference of a real steam cleaning instead of just hot water.  Our technicians take extra time to treat visible stains with the appropriate stain remover.  A safe solution is then applied, to lift dirt and soil.  Only the truck mount method removes both soil and detergents. A final steam extraction  will leave your carpeting residue free.  This method extracts up to 95% of the water used to clean the carpet. This power extraction  allows the carpeting to dry faster. With Super Steamers advanced equipment, we can actually increase carpet life by 50%.  It is also recommended to have your carpet sprayed with Dupont ® Teflon Advanced carpet protector.  It is safe for use around people and pets. This treatment keeps working long after it’s been applied.

Dupont  Teflon Advanced Protector Special  $10 per Room

We service homes as well as small businesses in the local area.  Same day appointments are often available.  We offer affordable, competitive rates and provide quality service. Call today to schedule your carpet cleaning.IMG_0883_sm

Super Steamers Carpet Cleaning Canton Mi

We try are dog gone hardest to get the toughest stains out.