3 Reasons Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is So Important
March 19, 2018
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Have you ever tried to remove coffee from your carpeting? How about
removing wine or blood stains: kool-aid or other sugary drinks? Is it possible
to get it out yourself or do you need a pro to get the job done? The answer
may vary depending on the type of the spill, but one thing that is constant:
there’s no time to waste when removing a spill before it becomes a stain,
penetrating deep into the carpet fibers and pad. Then it absorbs dirt from
your shoes, and you have a bigger problem.
A tip on how to react to any spill on carpeting:
First Step is to immediately absorb the liquid from the carpet by stepping on
the area with a dry towel or absorbent rag, until all the liquid is wicked into
the rag.
Do not rub the area with stain removers or cleaners. Do Not scrub in circular
motions, this only spreads the liquid around. Making a bigger area to clean.
You can try putting a cup of cold water over the area and absorbing up the
remainder of the spill again, with a rag or towel.
Vinigar & Water Solution (50/50) also works well to lift any remainder of the
Some stains may not be gone, completely. If you left the spill there to dry
waiting for the professionals, it will be harder to remove, but with special
stain solvents & deep extraction, Super Steamers usually can remove the stain
the first time around. If you tried several cleaning products, this doesn’t help
the success of our method to remove stains.
Never use bleach or Oxy products with bleach. If you have color removed
from your carpeting, this is usually why. Unless you call a carpet dyeing
company, very few around, we can’t put the color back in your carpeting.

Cleaning your carpets in every room is time consuming and exhausting. You
may have to invest some hours or even a day to achieve a fresh, spotless
carpet in your home. But, apparently it does not need to be a giant snoozefest
that you always to take hours or you always have to go through before having
guests over. Here are a few shortcuts to have a great-looking home without
wasting your work.
Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners: First of all, hire a team of professional
carpet cleaners to avoid wasting time and money renting small equipment
that won’t do the job, such as Super Steamers, who provides quality
residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Northville with state-of- art
truck mount steam-cleaning equipment.
We will serve you with our state-of- the-art truck mount hot water steam
method. Our technicians put in the maximum effort to make your stains go
away completely, no matter how many attempts it needs. We provide all of
this at reasonable prices. Your carpets will be much more welcoming after a
professional cleaning session and can go on serving you for a longer period of
Schedule an appointment with Super Steamers, and just vacuum and pick up
before we come. For regular cleaning, most customers schedule around the
same time every year, and just call us for additional emergency cleanings if
Professional carpet cleaning is the solution to how your going to get your
carpets looking their best and all you do is make a phone call.

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